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Administrative Support Team Page

Welcome our next Administrative Support Team Meeting will be:

February 2024

Administrative Support Team Tools

please upload to the corresponding link.
Tenure-track deadline - October 2, 2023
Visitor deadline - March 1, 2024

Post Office Requisition

  • (Please bundle mail by class of service and complete and attach the separate form to each bundle) 
  • You will need to know your department budget account, the type of mailing, and the number of items you are mailing.  
  • Be sure to always separate international from domestic mail before sending outgoing mail to the post office. 
  • UPS Shipping: The UPS Requisition Form is used for items that cannot be sent through the postal service. 

​Course Proposals:

Travel Expense Reimbursement Instructions​​

Onboarding New Staff Members i.e. a new Admin Assistant

Hiring New Workstudies/Student Employees?

Use this DCLA Workstudy Interview Questions Sheet.docx to help guide you when conducting interviews.

Commonly used links:

Position Requests:​

Visiting Assistant Professor Request:  https://forms.gle/fGVnrJPaCtFmg6rK7 (due March 1st)​

Course Proposals:

RCC/ Honors Course Offering:  https://forms.gle/Z1hxs8nwAJ4RTz417

RFLA New Course Proposal:  https://forms.office.com/r/K80MrtRyyi 

Intersession Course Proposal:​ 

TEAMS Support Resources 

Ready to explore? Check out our Getting Started resources.

We have other support content in development, and live workshops will be announced starting in September.  We'll send out updates as these become available -  stay tuned! 

Featured Question: What about using Teams with people outside of Rollins? 

Several questions have come up about the ability to use Teams with people outside of Rollins. Yes! Teams can be used with people outside of Rollins, and we’ll show you how in the upcoming weeks. As just one example, meetings can be set up to allow people to join from a browser without an account. 

Fortunately, we are not alone; many other colleges and universities use Teams as their primary videoconferencing platform. We know the experience will be different, but we’ll help you get familiar with it and will share information with you so you can help guests connect with you using Teams. 

Dean of CLA Office

Zachary Mendez - zmendez@rollins.edu -  Executive Assistant, x2280

Supports the following areas:
Supports both deans

Schedule appointments with Dean Kistler & Associate Dean Armenia
Faculty letters around promotion, tenure, sabbatical, chairs & directors'  appointments, 
Department Internal/External reviews
TPJ Budget & Porgram Coordintaor
Faculty CV Collection​

​Support Team Assistant Coordinator

​Workstudy/Student Employee Co-Supervisor

Janette Smith –  jxsmith@rollins.edu - Coordinator of Academic Support x 2175

Supports the following areas:

Support for both deans
The Faculty Retreat logistics, coordination, and implementation
RFLA support, new course submissions, schedule, and website management
Faculty position requests
Interdisciplinary Studies Proposal logistics
Honors Degree Program
Support Team Coordinator and support for academic administrative assistants and coordinators
Grant proposals and budget management
SHIP grants
DOF website – if you find errors, please send them to me

​Academic Awards - GPA lists (departments should order certificate papers in Feb or March)

Celebration of Faculty Scholars

Syllabi collection
Onboarding new administrative assistants