Faculty Full-Year Research Stipend (Faculty FYRST)


The Dean of the Faculty awards full-year research stipends (FYRSTs) of $15,000 to associate professors and $20,000 to full professors to assist faculty using full-year sabbaticals for research. In addition, faculty continue to be paid one-half their normal salary during the year of the sabbatical.

Faculty receiving FYRST may also apply for Critchfield, Ashforth, Cornell, McKean, Christian A. Johnson, or other on-campus or off-campus grants or fellowships, but the full-year sabbatical stipend may not be used to fund the faculty member at a salary level higher than 100% of his/her regular full-time pay. Also, faculty receiving stipends may not receive remuneration for teaching or administrative work at Rollins or any other institution during their sabbatical year without written permission from their Dean.

Individual stipends are distributed in a monthly pay over a nine-month period (Sept-May) providing that a suitable mid-year report has been filed with the Dean's Office by December 15.

The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) assists the Dean by assessing the appropriateness of proposals and the feasibility of requests. All final decisions rests in the hands of the Dean of the Faculty. By the last Friday in September of the year prior to the beginning of the sabbatical, faculty applying for stipends must submit a request for funds which clearly articulates the information described below.

Applications must be accompanied by a full vita, and a letter from the appropriate Department Chair articulating the department plans for covering the sabbaticant's courses, as well as an evaluation of the proposals. Applicants must describe the anticipated product/result from a full-year sabbatical, and they need to justify to the Committee why a full-year sabbatical is necessary to complete the project(s) and offer a timeline for the project(s). The application should be as complete as possible and take into account that faculty outside of their dicipline (and division) will be reading the proposal. Finally if the applicant has had a previous sabbatical, s/he should indicate what work s/he accomplished during the sabbatical and what has been produced as a result of this work. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the committee.

Faculty returning from sabbaticals in which they have received stipends will be recognized by the Dean through public forums at which they will present the results of their work.

Checklist for application:

  • Clear statement of how a full-year sabbatical will be spent.
  • Clear statement of why a full-year sabbatical is necessary.
  • Clear statement of the anticipated product/results.
  • Clear time-line of the project.
  • Complete Vita
  • Letter from Department Chair explaining how the courses in the department will be covered, and an evaluation of the proposal.
  • Copy of report submitted to Dean's Office detailing activities of previous FYRST sabbatical.