​​Appeals of Academic Policies

Students may choose to appeal academic policies at any point during their undergraduate career.  To submit an academic appeal, students must:

Step 1:  The student should first consult with their academic advisor, then schedule an appointment with the coordinator of academic appeals, Mae Fitchett (phone 407-646-1559), to discuss your individual situation and to determine required documentation.   

Step 2:  Submit a written appeal online.  Write a one- to two-page explanation of what academic policy you wish to appeal and why you should be granted an exception to the policy.  Explain any extenuating circumstances concerning your appeal.  Provide supporting documentation that you wish to include in your appeal to Mae Fitchett.  The Academic Appeals Committee does not meet with the student, but carefully considers all information relevant to the appeal in their deliberation.  Also, the Committee takes into account matters of presentation such as grammar and spelling.  It is recommended that students carefully proofread their appeal before clicking the "submit" and "confirmation" tabs.

Step 3:  Review your DegreeWorks audit for accuracy.  Report any discrepancies to the Office of Student Records.  Your DegreeWorks Audit is accessible via Foxlink using Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. 

Step 4:  Submit all supporting documentation to accompany your appeal to Mae Fitchett (203 Carnegie Hall, mfitchett@rollins.edu, or via fax at 407-646-1576) with an explanation or note that it is to accompany the appeal.  Students should follow-up to confirm that documents were received.

The committee will discuss appeals only after all required documentation has been submitted.  Required documentation also may include information from the advisor and/or professor.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all documentation is submitted by the dates outlined below; appeals received after the student deadline will be reviewed at the next appeals meeting. 

Currently enrolled students will receive written notification in their Rollins e-mail and campus mailbox within 5-7 business days after a decision is rendered.  Non-matriculated students will receive notification by regular mail to the permanent mailing address on file in Student Records.

Urgent appeals requests made after the last student deadline for the current semester should be directed to Mae Fitchett.  Otherwise, the appeal may not be considered for review until the following semester.

Fall 2020 Schedule of Meetings

Student Deadline
Date of Appeals Meeting
Thursday, September 24
Thursday, October 1
Thursday, October 8
Thursday, October 15
Thursday, October 22
Thursday, October 29
Thursday, November 5
Thursday, November 12
Thursday, November 17
Thursday, November 24
Monday, November 30
Thursday, December 3
​Thursday, December 10​Thursday, December 17