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Academic Support Team Page

Commonly used links:

Position Requests:

Visiting Assistant Professor Requesthttps://forms.gle/fGVnrJPaCtFmg6rK7 (due March 1st)​

Course Submissions:

RCC/ Honors Course Offering:  https://forms.gle/Z1hxs8nwAJ4RTz417

RFLA New Course Proposal:  https://forms.office.com/r/K80MrtRyyi 


Marketing has a new web content editor to help with standing files on Cascade:  Adelino Cardona​, acardona1@rollins.edu

TEAMS Support Resources 

Ready to explore? Check out our Getting Started resources.

We have other support content in development, and live workshops will be announced starting in September.  We'll send out updates as these become available -  stay tuned! 

Featured Question: What about using Teams with people outside of Rollins? 

Several questions have come up about the ability to use Teams with people outside of Rollins. Yes! Teams can be used with people outside of Rollins, and we’ll show you how in the upcoming weeks. As just one example, meetings can be set up to allow people to join from a browser without an account. 

Fortunately, we are not alone; many other colleges and universities use Teams as their primary videoconferencing platform. We know the experience will be different, but we’ll help you get familiar with it and will share information with you so you can help guests connect with you using Teams. 


Zachary Mendez - zmendez@rollins.edu -  Executive Assistant, x2280

Supports the following areas:
Supports both deans

Schedule appointments with Deans Armenia and Kistler
Faculty letters around promotion, tenure, sabbatical, directors'  appointments, and PAFs
Department Internal/External reviews
FSAR and Faculty CV Collection​

Janette Smith –  jxsmith@rollins.edu - Coordinator of Academic Support x 2175

Supports the following areas:

Support for both deans
The Faculty Retreat logistics, coordination, and implementation
RFLA support, new course submissions, schedule, and website management
Faculty position requests
Interdisciplinary Studies Proposals collection
Honors Degree Program
Support Team Coordinator and support for academic administrative assistants and coordinators
Syllabi collection and storage management
CIE notification and management
Grant proposals and budget management
DOF website – if you find errors, please send them to me

​Academic Awards - GPA lists (departments should order certificate papers in Feb or March)

Faculty Day of Scholarship​

Lauren Oxendine – works for KWR, Micki Meyer part-time and DOF Advising Office part-time
Duties (DoF-side only):  

Academic Appeals Letters 
Academic Standing Letters 
Academic Warnings, EAB Notes 
Scheduling with Tiffany Griffin 
Honor Code Violations, compiling 
Advisor Changes (Banner) 
R-Compass Fair
March Madness

Support Team Tools

Facility Work Order Requests

Most work orders (including standard maintenance requests, key requests, and A/C issues) should be reported through the online work request system, Maintenance Connection. You can access it at https://www.maintenanceconnection.com/mcv18/online/mc_login_mac.asp.

For information on how to set up a new user account, please view the tutorial at: http://www.rollins.edu/facilities/servicerequest.html. Once you are set up as a user, you'll be able to submit requests and check the status of pending requests. 

For issues that need immediate attention or until you have access to Maintenance Connection, please call x1000 (Karen or Jackie) to submit your work requests.

​Syllabi to Dean's Office

Syllabi are due on the last day of add/drop, which is usually the Friday of the first week of classes per semester.  Professors must submit an electronic syllabus version (PDF or Word only, please DO NOT SUBMIT a link from Canvas) for each course they teach.  Syllabi should be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty's email, DeanofFaculty@rollins.edu.  

Email all professors within your department that are teaching classes on the semester schedule and ask them to send you their syllabi by the first day of classes. They should only submit their syllabi as a Word or PDF document and title their syllabi ABC123 Last Name, First Name, FA or SP (depending on Fall or Spring) and the last two digits of the year, for example:  ECO220 Voicu, Anca FA22. 

Save your syllabi in your documents however you feel is best…..either a folder that is named for the semester and year [for example -  Fall22], this is for departmental records and to assist students who may need syllabi in the future.  Once you receive all syllabi correctly titled, please send them to deanoffaculty@rollins.edu. 
For questions, email me, at jxsmith@rollins.edu, or call x 2175.


The hiring of new faculty involves coordinating several working parts both on and off campus.  There is a basic outline of how a search is conducted; each department may have its own specific preferences.

Once a position has been approved, the department chair will put together a search committee typically consisting of two faculty within the department and one faculty member from different departments.

The Chair meets with the Dean of the Faculty to have the position approved. 

Once approved, the Ad is written, approved, and placed by HR, contact David Zajchowski, at dzajchowski@rollins.edu or x 2105

Human Resources places all applicant information and documents in the program  PageUp. PageUp provides an excellent resource for best practices concerning the hiring process. As an administrative assistant, you would need access to the applicant's information.  Human Resources will be able to provide access.

Screening of applicants via Hiring Manager Portal, PageUp – use your Rollins log-in and password to access PageUp after Human Resources has opened the portal to both you and the search committee.

Leading applicants selected for telephone/video interviews (Adm. Asst. arranges telephone and video interview days/times)

Select up to 3 candidates to visit campus (Adm. Asst. contacts candidates to schedule an on-campus visit).

The purpose of the campus visits is for the applicants to meet the other members of the department, interview with the Dean and Provost, provide a research presentation, and conduct a teaching demonstration.

Hotel Reservations: 

As soon as you know which candidates have been selected, make their hotel reservations. We book rooms at the Alfond Inn via Foxlink:

  • Sign in to Foxlink

  • Click on the Employee tab - Finance/contracts

  • Alfond Inn College Business Reservation

  • Complete form – you will get one email stating the request was received and then a second email informing you of the reservation confirmation number or to let you know the room is not available. 

  • If a room is not available at the Alfond Inn, contact Park Plaza Hotel: (407) 647-1072

You may be asked to arrange the candidates' ​flight reservations.  Use your PCard and reconcile before the end of the month, with applicable receipts. The same applies to the use of Uber,Lyft, or taxis to transport them to and from the airport.


You will need to make appointments for the candidate to meet with the Provost and Dean by contacting their executive assistants:

  • Provost:  Tina Hall, x2355, thall@rollins.edu

  • CLA Dean:  Zachary Mendez, x2280, zmendez@rollins.edu

Teaching Demonstration:

Work with the search committee chair to determine which class the candidate will be teaching.  Ask the current professor what the candidate should be prepared to teach.  You may need to scan and send materials to the candidate and/or connect the professor with the candidate.  You can use Canva to create an eye-catching flyer for the candidates' presentations.  You can circulate these through email to attract attendees.  Please also email it to majors in your department. 

Research Presentation:

Based on the other appointments, work with the search committee chair to select a suitable time for the research presentation. You will need to secure a classroom for the presentation and this is done through VirtualEMS, https://events.rollins.edu/emswebapp/


There are usually 1-2 breakfast meetings, 1-2 lunches, and 1 dinner.  Check with your search committee chair as to their preferences.  Dining reservations may be required depending on the restaurant.  Some departments have students meet and take the candidate to lunch in The Marketplace/Skillman Dining Hall.  For this, you will obtain meal coupons from Dining Services.  Meal coupons can only be purchased through the Dining Services website dining.rollins.edu. Once you place the order, Dining Services will print out the coupons and deliver them to your office. Coupons expire at the end of each semester. These will be the only coupons accepted at our dining
locations.  Candidate Meal Policy was updated in January 2020.

Campus Tour: 

Time permitting, you may schedule a campus tour through admissions, https://apply.rollins.edu/portal/rollins-visit.  However, their schedule is limited.  Some departments have a student or the administrative assistant conduct a campus tour as this provides more flexibility within the candidate's schedule. On hot or rainy days, call campus safety to reserve a golf cart so that you or your Workstudy can navigate the campus in a timely manner.

Application Documents:

The Provost, Dean, your department faculty, and the outside faculty on the search committee will need to review the candidate's application documents prior to the campus visit.  If you have access to PageUp. People you can pull the documents from there.  If not, the search committee chair should be able to provide those.  It is helpful to put all the documents in one PDF file.  The documents to include are the following:

  • Cover letter

  • CV

  • Teaching philosophy or statement

  • Teaching Evaluations

Additional Meetings: 

Your department may wish to schedule meetings with other faculty or administration that are not already mentioned here.  For example, the Department of Business schedules faculty sessions for candidates.  These sessions work like an open hour, allowing faculty who are unable to attend meals or presentations an opportunity to meet and speak with the candidate. 

Final Itinerary: 

The final itinerary should be emailed to the candidate, your entire department, and the outside faculty member on the search committee.  A sample itinerary is shown at the bottom of this section, though your department may have a different preference. 

Receipts and Reimbursements:

In your correspondence with the candidate, inform them to keep all their receipts for travel and meals.  Ask the candidate to scan and email you their receipts for reimbursement.  For timely reimbursement, set the candidate up in Chrome River as a vendor.  Contact Sherine Squires for assistance, at ssquires@rollins.edu.  When processing the reimbursement for the candidate, you treat it like a vendor invoice.  The current budget code for processing candidate receipts is 110000-34360-70810.

Faculty should be reminded to keep their receipts from any meals they take the candidate to.  Some faculty will process their own reimbursement, while others may ask for your assistance.

Sample Itinerary below

Schedule presentation time/room (only for tenure track position)

  • Schedule faculty and outside faculty to meet with candidates

    • ​I had two candidates on campus at the same time for two different positions.  While the dept. faculty were attending the class being taught by candidate one, the diversity council met with candidate two for breakfast.

  • Schedule breakfast meeting(s) with 1 faculty (though it can be 2). 

  • Schedule lunch with students (faculty to provide names) Contact Catering directly for lunch vouchers.  You can also scan the QR code below to reserve meal tickets through Catering.  

  • To load Dining Dollars and TarBuc$ to your R-card, please continue to use eAccounts.

  • Schedule lunch with staff (time permitting) (contact HR for lunch tickets).  Return and unused tickets to HR

  • Make restaurant reservations for up to four faculty members and the candidate for dinners.  Submit receipts and travel expense reports to HR.

  • If necessary, schedule a campus tour – if there are gaps in the itinerary – can fill with a mini campus tour or offer candidate time to check emails, etc.

  • Collect all receipts from candidates and submit them through Chrome River using the budget code 110000-34360-70810.

  • Provide benefit packet (emailed by HR) to candidates.

  • If teaching through Hamilton Holt, add Dean Rob Sanders, rsanders@rollins.edu to the schedule.

The Department Chair recommends the candidate to the Dean.

The Dean of the Faculty reviews, approves, and employment offers to candidates in order of department picks.

The department chair notifies the other leading candidates that the position has been filled.

HR notifies all other candidates that the position is filled.

The contract is drafted and sent by the Dean of the Faculty and Provost.

The department retains all materials for 3 years.​

Event Scheduling

Log in to the virtual ems, located in the list on the right column.  Use your Rollins log-in credentials to sign in.  Select the date; time and then choose to find a classroom/meeting room for your event.  For larger events, please contact Megan Joyner, mjoyner@rollins.edu.

Be sure to include linens for any tables and include your budget code at the very bottom left corner of the form itself. 

Catering is also requested through the same form, which is where you reserve any linens, decorations, banners, and food.  Know that there is a 15-person minimum for catering.  If you have a smaller catering need, please review the options around Winter Park like Panera, Jimmy John's, Swine and Sons, 310, Blu, etc.  Be sure to submit the first right of refusal form prior to hiring someone from off-campus to cater your event.  ​


The fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31.

Budget Codes

Each Department will have one or multiple budget codes depending on the funding of the department.  All academic departments will have at least the main budget that covers supplies, entertainment, copier cost, postage, etc. in this format:

110000        00000               ​____________

Org Fund    dept budget   account#

There are various 'account numbers' we all use – the most popular are:

Faculty Travel – 70020
Conference Registration – 70060
Entertainment - 70110
Supplies – 70210
Printing – 70310
Subscriptions – 71110
Memberships/Dues – 71120
Postage – 71610
Prizes & Awards - 72090

Budget Expenses: 
Your budget can be viewed using Argos.  I.T. will set you up with a VPN to access ​​Argos' budget reports for the department. Access to Argos will give you access to all your budgets and also gives you the opportunity to print out a PDF summary by account number to help with keeping track. 

If you have questions about budgets you can contact the Finance Department directly.

For new accounts: How do I gain access to Banner/Argos view a specific Fund and/or Org?Budget Access Requests

​​Common Vendors 

Office Supplies

Staples is one of the preferred vendors for office supplies. The minimum order is $50 and you pay with the PCard. They offer free shipping, and most items will come by the next delivery date. Go to www.staplesadvantage.com to request a user ID.  Staples will email you a username and password within 24 hours. Payment is made via P-card. [work with John Overberger in Purchasing for your Pcard.  Ext 2112]

Millers Hardware is located just off-campus and is within walking distance.   You can use your P-card here.

Print Services Options:

Fineline Printing & Graphics – located at 544 W Fairbanks Ave; 407-622-6622

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center – 2145 Aloma Ave; 407-644-9950

Redbird Printing, 803 S. Orlando Avenue, Winter Park, 32789 407-622-2202, alex@redbirdprinting.com

Minuteman Printing

4imprint – 1-877-446-7746

Petty Cash Requests

To request petty cash reimbursement for items other than travel and entertainment:

  1. Open up a blank Petty Cash Voucher form, located in the “Financial Forms" folder on your desktop.

  2. Fill all the fields up through “requested by", including your initials at the bottom.

  3. Print and have the department chair sign the request.

  4. You or a student takes the form to the Bursar and receives the cash. You must have an R-card with you to receive the cash.

  5. If you can't hand the cash straight to the person, leave it someplace safe and email the person with the location where you are holding their petty cash.

Note: Sales tax cannot be reimbursed. The purchaser is responsible to present the college's tax exemption certificate when making a purchase.

Direct Pay Requests

​Business expense/reimbursement requests are requested through Chrome River.  Faculty must add you as an approver on their accounts so that you can submit for reimbursements on their behalf.   If you need assistance, please contact Sherine Squires, at ssquires@rollins.edu; x2162.

If the company you are paying does not have an R# go to:

  • Log into Chrome River

  • Request a completed W-9 Form from the company.

  • Click on the Vendor Request form link on the main page of Chrome River.

Complete the form and attached the W-9

​Purchasing Card (P-Card) User Information

The Rollins College P-Card is intended to provide an efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for small dollar transactions within established usage limits. Using the card will provide quick turn-around time on your orders, and greater flexibility in ordering goods and will also reduce paperwork processing. Specific guidelines on the usage of the Rollins College Procurement Card Program can be found in the Cardholder Handbook on the Rollins College Finance web page.

To request a card:  http://www.rollins.edu/finance/forms-requests/index.html - click on the P-card application, fill it out and submit. 

After you receive your card keep it in a very safe place (like your wallet).  Never give it to anyone to use.  If you have any questions with transactions or issues with the card contact John Overberger at 407-646-2112

Receipts:   You must keep all receipts.  Since they need to be uploaded into the platform, the easiest way is to scan and save them as a PDF.  Then save all receipts in a folder on your computer.  Name them in a way that will help you locate them.  I often put the vendor and date (ex.  Staples July 2016) to make it easy to locate.

P-Card Reconciliation
All charges will be reconciled online through Chrome River.  Please follow the instructions provided here for submitting a PCard reconciliation report: https://www.rollins.edu/finance/documents/cr-login-instructions.pdf.  The Finance Department has additional training tools.  You can access that page here - https://www.rollins.edu/finance/training/.  It includes training tools for generating an Argos report, budget reallocation basics, and expense management through Chrome River.

For Lost Receipts: If you have lost a receipt and cannot retrieve it from the business, fill out a Lost Receipt form with detailed information.  This form will need to be signed by whoever was the purchaser and the approver of transactions in your department.  You will scan this form just like you do receipts and invoices to attach to a reconciliation.


When a faculty member comes back from a college-related trip, they should provide you with receipts for every expense (lodging, meals, cabs, etc.). They can scan these receipts and email them to you, or they can bring the printed receipts to you, or they can load them into their Chrome River account.

Faculty must add you as an approver on their accounts so that you can submit for reimbursements on their behalf.   If you need assistance, please contact Sherine Squires at ssquires@rollins.edu.


Phones  - ​Please answer the phone
“Department of ____________, _____ speaking, how can I help you?" or some variation is fine.

Transferring a call into voice mail – when on the phone with the caller, hit the transfer button, key in * and the 4-digit number. 

To dial on-campus, use the 4- digit extension of a phone [for example – Janette Smith phone # 407-646-2175, but just use 2175 when dialing on campus].  For off-campus dialing, simply dial the full 10-digit phone number.

Checking voicemail – there are two ways: Messages button on phone, after the prompt, enter your password.  If you need to set a password or need to reset it, contact Skip Sargeant in IT.

  • Or, in your email, you will have a message from “voicemail @fuze.com" which is also a connection to the voice mail message.

​IT Support If you have any technical problems or need assistance with your computer, you can call IT for computer support at x6363. Their website, http://r-net.rollins.edu/it/help-desk/index.html, contains additional resources.


No password is needed to log in on campus copiers, they are accessed with your Rcard which is tied to your department budget. Work Study students should be able to use your Rcard to access the copier to do department work – scanning, printing, and copying.

Students can use your copier by using their own Rcard to access their accounts.

All copiers can print and scan. Some can copy in color. They also have a scanning capability that you will use often when professors need books or materials scanned.  Scans can be done as PDFs or JPGs, it all depends on the settings you pick.

Copier Service/Repair: The phone number for repair is labeled on the front of the copier……and there should be an ID number there also that they will ask for. Seminole Office Solutions is responsible for servicing the machine and they are usually able to come to the office the same day or the next day, depending on the severity of the problem.

Ordering Copy Paper: Boxes of letter-sized paper are ordered through Facilities and Services. Call Brandon Cornish or Richard Perez – you can also email them x2334 and ask for a box of paper. All other sizes and colors should be ordered through Staples.

Post Office Requisition

(Please bundle mail by class of service and complete and attach the separate form to each bundle) 

You will need to know your department budget account, the type of mailing, and the number of items you are mailing.  

Be sure to always separate international from domestic mail before sending outgoing mail to the post office. 

UPS Shipping: The UPS Requisition Form is used for items that cannot be sent through the postal service.



You will receive notices from the Registrar's office when it's time to begin thinking about class schedules for the next semester.

If you want to check ahead for the timeline and scheduling materials, go to the Canvas site titled DOF Resources​ (you will log in using Okta where you will be asked for your Rollins log-in credentials when you sign in).  Then alphabetical site list. Then select. The course scheduling materials are available on this site.

Your department will normally decide what classes to offer each term. To assist them, you should print out a copy of the schedule of their classes for the prior year and the prior appropriate term. You can do this by going to R-Net for Faculty & Staff, Registrar, Course SchedulesPrior Course Schedules, and View Schedules. You can then copy and paste the classes pertaining to your faculty onto a Word or Excel document. Be sure to check for RCC or GenEd courses for your faculty as well.

​Don't forget Holt classes too: 

Go to R-Net for Faculty & Staff, click on Evening School on the bar at bottom of the page, click on Class Schedules, then Prior Schedules, click on the term you want, select Schedule of Classes, and do the copy and paste of appropriate classes.

Effective immediately, all rFLA schedule edits and additions can be sent directly to the Registrar's Office.  This new policy is a departure from the past procedure where all rFLA edits needed to be submitted directly to the Associate Dean of Academics for review.  The Dean's Office will work with the Registrar's Office to review rFLA submissions to ensure we have the necessary balance of divisions and course levels.  If an rFLA course is being taught for the first time, please submit an rFLA course proposal form (link) here before sending the course to the Registrar's Office.

All proposed RCC and Honors courses should still be submitted to the Dean's Office and not included with your other schedule materials.

​When your faculty give you the schedule, The course scheduling materials online (see paragraph 2 above) or the ones emailed to you by the dean's office will have full instructions on how to use it.

Tips: Be sure you reselect the proper term each time!

College Procedures

Records retention schedule

Academic Policies

Travel Expense Reimbursement Instructions​​