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Academic Appeals​
appeal form​​
contact:  ​Lauren Oxendine, loxendine@rollins.edu, x 2569
Academic Awards- Student Achievement Awards
Academic Award GPA list request​
contact:  Janette Smith, jxsmith@rollins.edu, x 2175
​​contact: Karla Knight, kknight@rollins.edu, x2287
​​contact:  ​Lauren Oxendine, loxendine@rollins.edu, x 2569​
Canvas - Submitting multiple files on Canvas​

Chairs' Resources​
Chairs Handbook​
2023-2024 Chairs and Directors​
​Chairs/Coordinators Meeting Agendas & Minutes 22-23​

Email listserves​ - by course, advisor, class, department, students, faculty/staff

Exam Schedule

Faculty Awards - Historical List

Cornell Distinguished Service Award

Ashforth, Critchfield, Individual/Course Dev
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​Grant Proposals:  FYRSTS

Deadline:  September 29, 2023
Proposal Deadline:
(send directly to jxsmith@rollins.edu)

Deadline to submit proposal -Last Friday in September​  

​Grant Reports:  Ashforth, Cornell, Critchfiled, and IDG Deadlines:

For 22-23 grants, final reports are due August 21, 2023

​For 23-24 grants, mid-year reports are due January 17, 2024​

​FYRST grants:
Report Deadline: 
​For 23-24 FYRSTS mid-year reports are due December 15, 2023

FYRST Grant reports are tied to sabbatical reports

contact:  Janette Smith, jxsmith@rollins.edu, x 2175
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Departmental versions
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Sabbatical Schedule - 10-year look
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Syllabi Statements​
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