integrative Learning as Connecting Education to Career_Prepping for the rFLA Foundations Summit Interviews_SPR 22.pdf
Integrative Learning Excerpts from Student Essays_20-21 AY.pdf
Integrative Learning Program Assessment Essay Prompt Revision Proposals_Draft 2_Fall 22.pdf
Integrative Learning Rubric_AACU Version.pdf
Revised Integrative Learning Rubric_Rollins Version_Sum 22.pdf
Sample Assignment to help students see connections across courses_rFLA Inventory - select responses.pdf
Sample Assignment_Semester long interdisciplinary capstone projects_rFLA_300_Select_Theses.pdf
Sample interdisciplinary Capston Syllabus_rFLA 300 Littler Lucy FA 22.pdf
From Research Questions to Citations_Classroom REsource for Helping Students See Disciplinary Ways of Knowing.pdf
Integrative Learning as College to Career Prep_Summit Interviewer Request_One Page Doc for local business leaders.pdf